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Karl Fletcher played by Terry Kiely

Karl Fletcher played by Terry Kiely

Karl 'Fletch' Fletcher seems to have been at Harchester forever, he is Harchester's local boy made good. He first arrived at the club in the late 1970's as a young school boy. His father Jonny Fletcher, during the late 70's and early 80's, was Harchester's top scoring striker and the fans favourite. Young Karl was the clubs mascot and since a young age always longed to be a famous footballer just like his father. During the late 1980's Karl was signed to Harchester's youth team alongside Carl Caskey. By this time his father Jonny has retired football and long since departed Harchester. But this didn't stop Karl enjoying the best years of his life. He came up through the ranks at United as a striker with a real poacher's instinct.

During the 1990's Karl became Harchester's top goal scorer and just like his father Harchester's biggest star- more so in fact. In 1996, through Karl Fletcher's 35 goals, Harchester made it back into the Premiership. Karl's confidence was at an all time high, he got himself involved in drugs and suspended from the club for the best part of an entire season. During this time he found himself involved with Stephanie Jacobs (Harchester's lady boss) and her daughter Georgina at the same time. This revelation led to Georgina committing suicuide, to which Fletch felt no guilt for. He has always been quite selfish, he's looked after number one, he's a womaniser.

Fletch put all his problems behind him and hit form again when he struck up a fantastic partnership on the pitch with new boy Sean Hocknell, the pair became best friends. Off the pitch Fletch was quite distracted though, a rivalry with Harchester's new star to be and player manager Luis Rodriguez led them to betting their sports cars on who would bed the new chairman's trophy wife, Lynda Block, first. Luis got the girl and Fletch lost his sports car. Fletch did manage to bed one Harchester beauty during this time, canteen girl, Kelly James but Fletch is certainly not ready to settle down or even become a one-girl-man! After his best friend Sean gets married to money hungry Mica, Fletch starts to get uncomfortable at Harchester. His talent culminated in hitting top form and bagged 24 goals, this hot streak had not gone unnoticed and £5 million saw Fletch on his way to Real Mallorca.

After only three quarters of a season Harchester bought him back for a knockdown £2 million, as Fletch was desperately unhappy at Real Mallorca and Harchester at this time were at the bottom of the league and needed the legend to return. Fletch was very disruptive upon his return and caused upset in the dressing room by sleeping with, again, Kelly James who is now about to get married to Wes Kingsley. As revenge Kelly had Fletch's yellow Lamborghini crushed into a tiny small block!

During the 2000/01 season Fletch lost his form, and his confidence was shot to pieces when he found that he had a hard core Harchester fan come base ball stalker on his back. His close friendship with new team mates Eddie Moliano and Jamie Parker got him through this difficult time though. However Fletch bit off more than he could chew when he aligned himself with Victoria Baptiste and Prashant Dattani. He helped them gain control of HUFC when Lynda Block (now owner of the club) was struggling financially. The sweetener was the promise of becoming player manager. When Prash finally took control of the club Fletch was dropped as both manager and from the team selection. On the final day of the season Prash was found murdered in his office at the club, and Fletch was right in the middle of the line of suspects.

Fletch went through the darkest time of his life when he was arrested for murder and eventually found guilty of the crime. During this time he shared his first intimate liaison with Lynda Block, and the pair developed much love and support for each other. Lynda later owned up and confessed to killing Prash, Fletch was distraught. The first woman he had actually felt anything for had let him go to jail for a crime he didn’t commit. In the lead up to the world cup Fletch was disappointed not to have been called up to the England side, but with the time he spent out of the game due to his trial and prison, and later his on-going feud with Lynda Block he was no longer on top form. Fletch managed to patch up his differences with Lynda and he finally confessed his love for her shortly before she was sent to prison and the unforgettable coach crash.

After the tragedy of the coach crash Fletch found a light at the end of the tunnel- Nurse Abi. They married. Fletch hit form again and became team captain under Alan Rothman. Fletch became responsible for the team and indeed the entire club as he was one of only a few people that knew about Patrick Doyle’s bet on the team being relegated. Fletch did all he could to stop this from happening, not knowing that his best mate Jamie Parker was working with Doyle.

The revelation of Jamie Parkers involvement and his subsequent death had a huge impact on Fletch and left him very bewildered. But this was short lived as Fletch soon had other concerns. After his wife Abi was shot in the siege she was left unable to have children. However Lynda got in touch from inside prison to inform Fletch that she had just given birth to his child! Fletch and Abi thought long and hard, and finally made a decision that they would take baby Louie from Lynda and raise him themselves.

Harchester went through a drastic transformation at the club. The sponsors Dream inc took control of the boardroom and made Pilar Hernandez chief executive, bringing with her world class and the biggest transfer deal in British history- Luke Davenport. Fletch was shipped out to Saudi Arabia in favour of the new striker. Whilst in Saudi Abi cheated on Fletch which marked the end of their marriage.

18 months on, Dean Boyle brings a very unfit Fletch back to the club in a last ditch attempt to please the fans. Fletch gets back up to a decent fitness level and settles into a long term relationship with Gina Moliano, sister of his old mate Eddie. His differences with the club and management would once again see Fletch out of a contract come the end of the season and he is still in desperate need of the money. Fletch decided to help Don Barker win promotion for West Ham back into the premiership by poisoning one of his team mates. Things go wrong and Gina ends up in a critical condition when she is poisoned. On the eve of the Play-Off final, Fletch walks onto an empty pitch for one final time to re-live his golden days at the club, before stumbling into a fight with Don Barker in the dressing room in which ends up in Fletch being killed.

Fletch makes a brief appearance at the Dragon's Lair at the end of the 2006/07 season, but only in Jason Porter's mind!


Appearance 1: Episode 1.01 - Episode 3.07
Appearance 2: Episode 3.48 - Episode 7.02
Guest Appearance: Episodes 7.19 & 7.20
Appearance 3: Episode 8.10 - Episode 8.32
Appearance 4: Episode 10.24 - Episode 10.32

Season 1 Character Popularity: 26.12% (1st)
Season 2 Character Popularity: 19.12% (1st)
Season 4 Character Popularity: 19.92% (1st)
Season 5 Character Popularity: 20.92% (1st)
Season 6 Character Popularity: 54.40% (1st)
Season 8 Character Popularity: 21.08% (2nd)


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