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Don Barker played by Jon Morrison

Don Barker played by Jon Morrison

Don is 55 and a die hard, first division manager. This man is a hard nosed, hard drinking, tough talking coach. A Northerner, he takes no prisoners and hates to see any weakness but is also charismatic. Barker's game plan is to "get the ball between the posts" he doesn't care for fancy moves and even less for fancy players. However, he may be hard and sometimes cruel in the dressing room but when it comes to the media Barker's the man with the gift of the gab. He can be witty and charming when the need arises. However he is equally egotistical and a bully, he has no qualms about punishing the weak. He knows a lot about his game and wins the players round, albeit short lived, when he tells them more facts about their playing style than they themselves knew. Barker truly believes there is no one more capable than him to get Harchester United back to the Premiership, the question is can the players take the heat?

Out in Portugal, Barker prepares his team for their Champions League qualifier against Sporting Lisbon. After Tommy tries to get out of training, Barker makes him learn his lesson the hard way by taking him for a drive, and leaving him in the middle of Lisbon to walk home! Barker's Scottish instincts come into play once again as he takes the team on a boot camp to get them toughened up for a rough ride in the Championship. After watching the players slug it out, Barker gets what he wanted in the form of a newer, more ruthless version of captain Curtis Alexander. Barker's pessimistic attitude towards Clyde increases as the midfielder continues to say and doing the wrong things. After Clyde had been beat up by Frank for making a mockery out of him, Connelly started to realise how much of a bully Barker is. But when Don spots Clyde getting cosy with a lap-dancer in a club, he comes up with plan. After a below-par performance from Clyde, Barker persuades the midfielder to do the press conference, knowing that the media would rip him to shreds about the night before. After playing the game of his life against PSG, Clyde can no longer bare the depression in which Don has forced him into, and takes his own life. After a police investigation, and a wee lie from Ryan Naysmith to Jaws, Don is left feeling relieved, knowing the truth didn't get out.

January arrives, and Don is eager to get his hands on some cash to strengthen the Harchester squad. And when he hears about the transfer kitty of 7million, a meeting with dodgy agent Joel Brooks is organised to hatch a plan. Dean is then persuaded by Barker to make a bid for Juventus playmaker Carlos Valdez, with Barker knowing that Harchester will only be a catalyst in the deal for Carlos Valdez to be snapped up by Chelsea. And after Tommy Valentine goes behind Barker's back on national television, Brooks mentions the possibility of Chelsea adding Valentine to the Valdez deal, which would make Dean look even more foolish. Barker is then left feeling somewhat jealous as Mr Harchester (Karl Fletcher) returns to the club. The Harchester manager then faces yet another decision to make when Curtis tells him about Frank's gay affair. After beating his son-in-law up, Barker tells him to pack his backs and get ready for a move to Portsmouth. After the Scotsman had told his daughter that Frank had an affair with a woman, he catches the two of them in bed together. Furious at Frank, he tells Jodie the truth about Frank. Barker then pays off a waitress at a back-street club to put drugs into Curtis' drink, so that his move to Charlton would collapse due to a failed medical. With Eli Knox not happy, Dean and Don face the sack unless they can get a win against Lazio in Italy. Knowing that the current Harchester team have a very slim chance of beating Lazio, Barker hatches a plan with Dean to get the match abandoned. With a little help from a nave keeper in Nathan Woods, and from some of the fans involved in the riot against Southampton, Don's plan works as the game is abandoned at 1-1.

Barker then takes an instant shining to Nicole Caskey, the wife of new signing Carl Caskey. Not impressed by the midfielder's performances, he tells Nicole that should she want her husband to play, she'd have to sleep with Don. The Scotsman then starts to get too big for his own boots, and when Nicole films Barker telling her the terms of her husbands contract, she knows she has concrete proof to end the horror. Dean and Fletch then reveal the tape to the lads, who lose all faith in Don Barker, telling the Scotsman to leave.

Don then turns to West Ham for a job, and is given an excellent opportunity to get one over on the Dragons when he is appointed director of football at Upton Park. In a plot to rule out Ryan Naysmith out of the match against West Ham, Barker contacts Fletch and with the lure of cash, persuades the striker to give Naysmith a poisoned water bottle before the match. But after Naysmith doesn't drink the water, Gina does, and is rushed to hospital after collapsing. Don then thinks of another devious plan to ruin Harchester ahead of their play-off final against Barker's West Ham. The Scotsman types up a letter to each player, revealing all the secrets of the season, knowing it will destroy team morale. Barker then goes for one last look around the Dragons Lair, for old times sake, when Fletch spots him and chases him. The pair battle in an epic showdown in the home team dressing room, fighting and scrapping with each-other. Barker gains the upper-hand, and slams Fletch against one of the close pegs, killing the Harchester legend. The Scotsman then rolls Fletch into a makeshift body bag and hides him away in a laundry basket. When security aren't aware, Barker then takes the body bag to his car and puts Fletch's body into his car boot, along with some cans of petrol. Barker's West Ham then lose the Play-off final, and s his chest pains increase, Barker sees his car cordoned off by Police. After running and getting into the car, Barker locks the door and glares at the Harchester coach directly in front of him. Knowing that this is the only option left, the Scottish manager put his foot down, crashing his car into the Harchester team coach.


First Appearance: Episode 8.01
Final Appearance: Episode 8.32

Season 8 Character Popularity: 2.51% (7th)


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