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Victoria Baptiste played by Sarah Matravers

Victoria Baptiste played by Sarah Matravers

After a disappointing 0-0 draw against Leicester City, a glamorous young woman walks into the Harchester United players lounge and instantly commands the attention of the entire room. Billy and Fletch try and chat up this woman, but she turns out to be none other than Victoria Baptiste, the estranged wife of Didier. The money grabbing Victoria worms her way back into Didier's life and takes an instant disliking to Ann. She and Didier end up having a confrontation and she tells him that she wants money from him so that she can get on with her life away from him permanently. Prash makes Didier an offer- if he plays badly and ensures Harchester are relegated, he will pay him the money to pay off Victoria. Didier reluctantly accepts. Victoria finds out about their dodgy deal. After a heated argument ends in Didier hitting Victoria, who threatens to go to the press. Prash makes a last minute attempt to stop her telling the story, and the pair end up in bed together much to the surprise of Lynda and Didier who walk in on them.

Victoria makes a deal with both Prash and Ann, Prash gives her the money to buy into Patterson PR whilst Ann has her baby. Prash and Victoria team scheme together to force Lynda out. Victoria spills the beans to Prash about the potential Monday signing- only for it to backfire. When Lynda attempts to find the collateral to keep the club, she attempts to sell the Barrons. Prash and Victoria put a stop to this when Victoria discovers that the houses could be built on Methane gas and causes a public outrage. Prash and Victoria cook up a deal to trick Fletch into helping them take control of the club and offer him the job as player / manager when Prash takes control. Prash also offers Victoria 3 million to sleep with Fletch to help keep him in hand. Prash later dumps Victoria and tells her that he has no use for her anymore, she goes to Fletch for comfort but he is too pre-occupied for her, so she hits the bottle and gets smashed! In a very drunken state she goes to see Lynda who has no sympathy for her. Victoria begs Prash to take her back but he shrugs her off and tells her that he wants her out of his life. After the match, Victoria is acting very strangely, whilst Prash is found dead in his office- struck over the head with a trophy.

However, the following season, with Karl Fletcher the chief suspect for Prash's murder, it is revealed that there is a witness statement from Victoria placing Fletch at the scene of the murder standing over Prash's body. To help Fletch out, Jamie goes to the rehabilitation clinic where Victoria is staying. Jamie meets Victoria, and the pair engage in a very drunken game of Truth or Dare. By the end of the night, all that has been achieved is that Jamie is starting to doubt his best friend, the media are onto the fact that Jamie checked into the clinic, and Jamie wakes up practically naked in Victoria's bed with little memory of how the night ended.

Victoria returns to Harchester and instantly makes a friend and bed partner out of Andrei Belanov. She worms her way into his affections and of course his pocket, so that she can eventually worm her way into the lives of Fletch and Jamie. After a fight with Stevie Andrei goes to stay with Monday Bandele. Andrei takes along Victoria much to the horror of Fletch to find she has moved in next door. Jamie is also worried that his part in the scheme is going to come out. Victoria sneaks into Fletch's house and makes it clear that she is in control of his destiny. As the team prepare to fly to Glasgow for the next UEFA cup round, Victoria plays her wildest hand to date by blackmailing Fletch for £100,000 for her silence in court and to disappear forever. Fletch asks Jamie to take over the money to Victoria that he has got for her to disappear. Jamie wont take it, so later he tricks Tash into taking it over. Victoria records on video tape Tash handing over the bag using Andrei's new video recorder and later demands £500,000 pounds from Jamie in order to stop her going to the police and accusing Tash of interfering with a witness. Jamie fakes an injury and goes to the Barrons to retrieve the tape, but when Lynda throws Victoria out of the club she goes back home and catches Jamie in the act. When Victoria tells Jamie she has the tape in her bag, he runs after her out the house. He gets into his car to run her down but chickens out at the last minute. When Victoria is cross-examined at Fletch's trial, she is shown up to be a lying, money grabbing alcoholic. The police begin their investigation into the new evidence and question Tash, Jamie, Fletch and Victoria over Victoria's allegations over the bribe. Victoria however tells the police that Fletch bribed her with only 25 thousand pounds, when in fact she was given 100 thousand pounds.

Victoria later resurfaces in Harchester to torment Jamie Parker. She wastes no time getting down to business, successfully tempting Jamie into cheating on pregnant wife Tash and luring Sam Irving with her claims she could get Lynda Block acquitted of killing previous club chief Prash Dattani. Karl Fletcher, who stood trial for Dattani's murder and was even found guilty before Lynda's shock confession, tries unsuccessfully to get his £100,000 'hush money' back off star witness Victoria, who then lets slip that Fletch's beloved Lynda is to marry Sam Irving. When Sam announces he will give the club to fiancé Lynda as a wedding present, daughter Claudia furiously rushes to Victoria for help in wrecking the relationship. Victoria blackmails Harchester goalkeeper Jamie Parker into helping her and Claudia by threatening to tell Jamie's hugely pregnant wife Tash about their affair. Claudia and the evil Victoria continue to search for a way to stop Sam marrying Lynda. Claudia is ready to give up after the failure of the videotape scheme but Victoria presses on - and decides to ruin Harchester goalkeeper Jamie Parker's life by telling pregnant wife Tash about their affair. When she hears this, Lynda makes up her mind to sort Victoria out once and for all. Luring Victoria into her office before she can blab to Tash, she drags her flint-hearted nemesis onto the roof of the stadium and dangles her headfirst over the edge, vowing to kill her unless she leaves Harchester immediately and never comes back.


First Appearance 1: Episode 3.55
Final Appearance 1: Episode 5.14
First Appearance 2: Episode 5.28
Final Appearance 2: Episode 5.31

Season 4 Character Popularity: 1.34% (12th)


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