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Duncan Pow Web Chat

Out of all the things you have done including DJing, acting and coming close to playing pro football which one would you like to have done the most?  I loved being a footballer, and I played up front, but I was never the greatest and would never have made the grade. Whereas with acting I can do that forever and I look forward to every second of every day.

How did you feel when you heard DT was going to finish after series 10? And how did you hear?  Well, I guess it's disappointing that it's finishing and I heard through the grapevine like you guys, but it's been a privilege to have been involved in two series of a wonderful production surrounded by a wonderful cast, crew and production team and have to thank Jane and everyone involved for giving me the opportunity to be a part of it.

I was just wondering will you be staying in contact with any of the current cast of Series 10 and the cast (that have left) of series 9 when dream team is over? Also who would you say you get on with the best out of everyone?  I get on well with everyone I think. Danny Husbands, who plays Sully is a very close friend. I've also kept in touch with the guys that have left last year like Ali and Rob and am also very good friends with Danny Midwinter, who plays the new manager Jimmy Craig, watch out for him, he'll blow you away.

Which current player would you compare your character to most (both on and off the field)?  Well, I modelled Liam on Roy Keane as they are both dedicated, passionate and see things in black and white. Also he is a winner, as is Liam, and neither man accepts second best from anyone, both on the field and off of it.

Since last year when you have been in Dream Team, do people in the street notice you? And do you ever get tired when people stop to have a chat with you?  I've been noticed a few times, mostly at football matches unsurprisingly, but most of the time I get stared at, when people are trying to place the face. And it's always as the guy that smashed Asa Maloine! I never get tired of talking to people because it was so hard for me to break into acting I swore then that I'd never forget my roots, besides my Mum wouldn't let me.

Series 9 got a lot of criticism last year from Dream Team fans, the series was very good, but not really up to the high standards of the first 8 series in many peoples eyes. Did this criticism hurt you in particular?  I can only do the very best at what I do, and to be honest, we all work very hard and with series 9 there was a whole new cast to introduce. I think both the writers, producers, crew and the cast worked extremely hard to give you a new look and a new series and to be fair I think they succeeded. You have to take all criticism the same as praise, try to do your best and not pay too much attention to the negatives.

Liam Mackay seems to be a man with principles and obviously likes to tell the truth, I was wondering if you honestly feel you’re that kind of guy as well?  I think with everyone character you play, there has to be an element of you in it. Am I like Liam? No, he's better looking.

When Dream Team ends would you like to move into soap? If so which one would you most like to star in.  I think to speak too much about the future is a dangerous thing, so I'll try not to. To act and get paid for it is enough for me. I don't really watch the soaps but if I could be in any other TV programme it would have to be 24 as it's the best thing I've ever seen on the telly. I'd love to play the baddie.

Just wondering, how would you like your character to be written out at the end of the series? Would you like a big death scene/storyline or maybe just a quiet transfer to Celtic?!  Well I hope I get to stay for the duration but if I had to choose I'd love Liam to go mad and end up in a mental home. Just because it'd be great to act.

If you could be any other Dream team character (past or present) who would you want to be and why?  Any of the girls I suppose, I'd never leave the house!

What would Duncan Pow have done in the same situation as Liam?  I think pretty much the same. Liam didn't go out to hurt Asa, but football is a physical game. As per the repercussions, I've always thought I stand up for what I believed in, so I guess I would have done exactly the same. Except maybe I wouldn't have cried.

Who was your inspiration to go into acting?, And Did you have a hero/inspiration in football?  My sister was my inspiration to go into acting, she's an actress and you'll see her in episode 15. And my family backed me most of the way. I can relate every major event in my life to a movie that was about around the same time, and I figured that if I was going to spend the rest of my life doing something it might as well be something I love. You only live once.

Can you tell us how far ahead you film in advance of it being shown on Sky? Have much of the new series have you seen and what do you think to it?  We're currently filming episodes 13, 14 and 15. I've seen a few episodes and I think you guys are gonna love it. I love it. And there are great new characters and storylines. John Salthouse, the new executive producer is an extremely passionate man and that rubs off on everyone. He really wants to bring the programme back to what you guys love, and I think he, Jane and the writers have done that. I really think you're going to love it, and the football stuff looks brilliant. I hope you enjoy watching as much as we're enjoying making it for you.

I have always found Dream Team to be realistic and deals with issues that happen in football all the time. What's your view on this and has there ever been a storyline on Dream Team you've thought was a bit too far fetched and couldn't possibly happen in real life?  The thing with Dream Team is that while it might seem fantastical, most of the storylines we cover end up actually happening. The way the game is run today means that fiction has become reality. I don't think anything is too far fetched when it comes to the world of football we live in.

Can you tell us what you like to do for a top night out? Where would you go, who with and what would I have to buy you to drink at the bar?  My perfect night would be a few drinks with friends, maybe a nice meal and then a game of Pictionary! I love going home to Somerset where most of my friends live. I like a laugh so if I'm with people that help with that process, I'm happy. If you were going to buy me a drink, I do like a Magners.

Is there anyone you would say you base your acting on, is there times when you think oh i will do this like 'so and so' did in 'insert programme here'. Is there any past dream team characters you base your acting on.  I try to just find the truth in what my character would do or say. My favourite actors are Sean Penn and Daniel Day-Lewis, but I wouldn't say I based anything on them. One of my directors said to me the other day that there are actors who act and those that feel. I'd like to think that I fall into the latter category. I just try to do what feels real. I don't really plan it, it just happens. Tiger Woods has a huge article in the Observer Sport monthly and he said that it just happens, he can't explain it. I work hard at what I do, but when I get on the floor it just seems to happen, sometimes better than others.

What do you and the other crew members get up to when you've finished shooting for the day? Do you all go out for a drink?  We like to play spin the bottle.

I was just wondering what were you like at school, and what qualifications did you achieve and need to become an actor?  I went to Wells Blue School in Wells in Somerset. For GCSE's I got 3 A*'s, 4 A's a B and 2 C's. I studied Maths, English, Geology and General Studies at A level and got 3 B's and a C. I then studied Maths at Edinburgh University and Multimedia Technology at Leeds Metropolitan University where I got a first class honours degree. None of it came in handy to what I do now!

What sort of movies or books do you like?  I saw The Last Kiss on Wednesday, which was brilliant, Ben Affleck's little brother Casey was in it, and he was awesome. Worth a watch. Walk the Line was great too. I've just read Vernon God Little by DBC Pierre which was wonderful, like reading modern day Shakespeare. I just bought my girlfriend a book called The Secret History by Donna Tartt, which she highly recommends.

Who is the biggest joker of the cast?  Darren White who plays Tyson is the joker. Though Danny Husbands would disagree, he slapped me once as part of a joke, very funny but very sore. He does a great monkey impression.

Are you actually Scottish?  Yes, I'm Scottish. Though I've lived in England for seventeen years out of twenty nine.

When you're acting on DT, this year and last, who did you feel the most 'passion' with when you're filming.  I think Julie Healy, simply because we were both extremely passionate about our work.

What do you like to do during the time you get off work to relax? Do you attend Celtic games regularly?  The last time I saw Celtic was in a friendly at Fulham last season. Unfortunately I don't get the time to get up that often. I like to watch movies, read books, write and spend time with my friends and girlfriend, she's sat here right now looking over my shoulder and correcting my grammar.

Do you have any superstitions and if so what are they and do they affect your life?  I like to turn light switches on and off five times otherwise the world will end.

Who is the best actor/actress you have worked with, on Dream team and on other works?  Danny Midwinter, Alison King, Daniel Husbands, Jamie Lomas, Jonathan Howard and Chloe Summerskill are all fantastic actors. And the new cast are great, Frankie Fitgerald and James Floyd in particular have technioques I can learn from. And in Trainspotting, the play, I worked with a stellar cast including Kevin Watt and Steven Tagg who are all at the top of their game. All the actors in Dream Team are committed and wonderful at their jobs, everyone has a different approach and I think that if you don't think you can learn from your peers you should stop acting tomorrow.

When you go out for meal, which sort of restaurant do you choose? From the menu what do you choose?  I love a steak. In fact all meat. We didn't spend two thousand years getting to the top of the food chain to eat vegetables.

Do you have any future plans, both in acting or in life ... marriage maybe?  I'd love one day to have a ranch in Texas, a beautiful wife and loads of rugrats that call me Dad. A man's gotta dream.

Over the years, Dream Team has seen many actors having the privilege of being made out to score amazing goals, such as John Arne Riise v United, which was Stevie Shaw played by Adam Allfrey. If you were able to pick the footage from any goal, to be shown as your goal on the show, which would it be?  That's easy. Archie Gemmill's goal for Scotland against Holland in the 1978 World Cup.

Scotland or London? ...which do you prefer? and do you think you will settle down in London or Scotland?  Scotland every day of the week. I love London but it's a little hectic for me. The kids would have to be born in Scotland though, just a patriotic thing! At the moment it's a case of wherever I lay my hat that's my home. Just wish I had a hat.

I was just wondering how often you forget your lines in the show and do you laugh about it when you say them wrong?  You forget them sometimes, but the hardest thing is being Scottish and having to deal with tongue twisters. You try not to laugh but you can't help it. It doesn't help that I have a lip that's bigger on one side than the other, from when I tore it open as a baby.

If you can have meal with any 3 famous people whom no longer alive and 3 others who would you chosse?  Jesus, Socrates and Jock Stein. And the three alive ones would be David Beckham, Homer Simpson and George Bush just so I could poke him in the eye.

I give you £1million, what is the first thing you buy?  I'd give my Mum some money and pay off my debts then donate the rest to Cancer and Leukaemia in Children.

If Jane asked you to chose any actor to come and work on Dream Team who would it be? It can be regardless of budget and how much of a Hollywood superstar they are!  Sean Penn

Is there any place which is particularly special to you for any reason?  My special place is with the special people in my life. My family, my friends and those that love me. Wells, where I grew up, will always be my home. When I go back there everyone treats me like they always have, taking the mickey out of me. I like that. That's my girlfriend's job now, and she's pretty good at it.

If you could 'be' any footballer in the real world, and sort of act out his life as you would for Liam Mackay... who would it be and why?  Henrik Larsson. He's the king of kings and got to score a hatful of goals in Paradise.

I would like to just say a big thank you on behalf of all members of the site for taking the time to answer all our questions, and all the best of luck for the future.  Thank you, that means a great deal to me. I do what I do to evoke a reaction, be it happy or sad, empathic or angry. To have an impact on anyone is why we're here I guess. That and to procreate.


Source: harchester.net (29th October 2006)

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