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Exclusive: Ask Jonathan Howard

Were you a fan of Dream Team before you joined?  I had watched it before but very early on in the series when Lynda Block first came into it.

If yes, what has been your favourite series/episodes/characters from the past?  I can't really think, there are so many to choose from.

How did it feel to get the part for Gavin Moody? Did you originally audition for him or someone else?  I was over the moon for moody!!! I was on holiday at the time when I was told I had the part, needless to say that was the highlight of my holiday!  I came to audition for the role of Gavin, I don't think I looked old enough for the other characters!?

Is there any part of your own personality or characteristics in Gavin?  I wouldn't have said so myself, but I suppose the cast would say I'm a little bit cheeky just like him.

At the start of the season Gavin found himself with a difficult choice; the chance to prove himself or one million pounds?  Which option would you have personally chosen if faced with a similar situation?  I would be greedy and choose the million pounds, and also because I'm not the best footballer in the world.

What is it like to have such a good looking girl as your onscreen girlfriend?  Ah it's horrible having to look at a gorgeous girl everyday! It takes a lot of hard work and dedication! No it's really great and we get on so well, she's one of the nicest girls and I couldn't think of anyone better to work with! Not only is she beautiful but also a very intelligent and a witty young lady.

Who do you get on best with out of all the cast?  I get on with all the cast really well, but if I had to make a choice it would be my northern counterpart Alex Dempsey (played by Jamie Lomas). Or the Scottish one Liam Mackay!

What was it like joining the cast after last seasons unforgettable finale?  it was quite intimidating as I knew how well loved all the old cast members were and found it quite daunting at the prospect of filling their shoes.

What has been your favourite and least favourite part with Gavin this season?  I can definitely say my favourite part was signing my contract, but I don't want to give to much of the show away so you'll just have to tune in to see my low points with Gavin!

What type of storyline would you like to see Gavin involved in, in the future?  Anything and everything!

Can you give us a break down of a typical working day, from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed?  Well were do I begin! My basic day begins at the lovely hour of 6.30 AM! I drag myself out of bed and make my way to the studios. I get my makeup done at 7.30 (I know how girly!) and then head to costume were I then have to rush to set. We then film until lunch and have an hour off, then back on set and work till 7pm. Although they seem like really long and tiring hours the cast and crew always manage to keep me entertained.

If you were good enough and able to choose, would you prefer to play football for a premiership team or would you still prefer to be an actor?  After doing all the research into professional footballers lifestyle and the hours they work I think I would definitely have to choose football.12hours a day or a couple of hours, there is no contest.

What football team do you support? And why?  Manchester United because I did a catalogue for them when I was 4years old, and I've been star struck ever since. And obviously because they are the BEST!

Are you any good at football?  I was quite good as a young boy and teenager but since I've not had as much time to play I've really started to loose my touch. However compared to all the cast…. Lets just say I'm not the worst.

Your cousin Peter Clarke plays for Blackpool and he's really good have you been to watch him and did he give you any tips?  Yes I'm a big fan of my cousin and go to see the tangerines as often as I can. He spoke to me quite a bit about his lifestyle and how Blackpool is run as a club….I'm very jealous!

What made you want to become an actor? Also can you give any helpful advice to the younger readers who have acting ambitions based on your own experiences?  You'll never have guessed it but I got the acting bug from a musical, I was only young at the time, but that definitely gave me a taste for acting. From there on I started acting school in Manchester, trained by David Johnson, who has trained many young actors who you would see on the TV today. My advice is that if you enjoy acting, join a local amateur dramatic society or find a local acting class.

If you hadn't got into acting, what do you think you would be doing now?  I would probably be touring the world's best beaches in the summer and finding the highest mountains to snowboard on in the winter.

What other jobs have you done in the past besides acting?  Well how long have you got?…..I've done a range of things, from being a fitness instructor to plastering/ brick laying/ painting/ decorating/ green house work/ farming/ and finally fixing and fitting sun beds.

What do you like to do in your spare time?  Sleep! And when I'm not sleeping I try to keep as fit as I can

Do you socialise with the Dream Team cast members outside of work? If so are there any wild or interesting story's you can tell us?  I do but I don't think I can share any of them; otherwise I don't think we would get commissioned for another series!

If you could choose to do a photo shoot for a magazine, which magazine and photo shoot type would you like to do?  Funnily enough I've recently been in a photo shoot for Hello magazine, with my lovely fiancé (in the show!) – Jessica-Jane/Cindi. They obviously asked me to be in the magazine to make the shoot look better!!!

Would you ever consider a naked photo shoot for play girl or cosmopolitan magazine?  I haven't actually considered that before but as confident as I am I don't think I'd have the bottle to go completely starkers!

What's the most romantic thing you have ever done for a lady/date?  bought her some bubbly and some flowers then taken her out for some grub-a real Casanova hey!

What's the drunkest you've ever been?  No comment!

What was the last text you received and who was it from?  My brother asking me if I want to go out for my mates 21st

Are you single and what is your type?  I'm not single so again no comment sorry.

What's your favourite film?  Not got a favourite so would be unfair to single out one; the other films might feel bad!

What type of music are you into and what was the last album you brought?  Anything that's sounds pleasant to the ears!

What are your ambitions for the future? After Dream Team what would you like to do?  At the moment all I want to do is act and experiment with different characters. The more diverse the better! I would love to go back to theatre, but at the moment I don't think I can say no to any roles going as I'm still young and aspiring!


Source: harchester.net (March 2006)

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