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Jane Gives Us Sweet Dreams

After winning 25 million on the Lotto trebble rollover, her husband Phil brought Harchester United without telling Jacqui. She initially joins forces with Patrick Doyle, an evil plot to make even more money by trying to force the team into relegation, but as Patricks hold grows ever tighter on Jacqui, she soon begins to regret her actions. Jane Campbell tells us what its like to play Jacqui Wallis.

Jane, this is your debut in Dream Team. Were you thrilled to get the part?  I did three auditions for it and when my agency called me to say I got the part, I was so pleased. When I read for it I thought that Jacqui sounded like areally amazing character because she is so strong. She becomes a super-power woman! Her husband does a few things that annoy her so Jacqui feels she has to take control to make sure that the 25 million they won on the Lotto does not slip away. He brought the football team 'Harchester United' behind Jacqui's back with the money, so that's why she hates the team and everything about it. All the storylines go from there, about how she tries to get the money back.

Had you ever watched Dream Team before you got your part? And what was it like joining an already established cast?  I had watched Dream Team in the past, I think it is a very good hangover cure. I was quite nervous at first about meeting all the other girls but they were all really friendly and easy to get along with. We all went on holiday to Spain and bonded right away. The girls and the guys all hang out together in the green room, but it has taken me longer to get to know the guys.

How did you first get involved with the programme?  I was at the actors centre in Covent Garden doing a workshop and I met a director called David Penn, who works on the show, and he asked me to audition. I went back three times for recalls and then I found out that I had got the part. I read with three guys and one of them was Neil who now plays my husband Phil Wallis. It was all really quick and I was shocked when they told me I had got the part. It is very hard to get a role in a long running show and after reading the scenes I knew it was a good part to have, it was something I really wanted to do. I celebrated by going out on the town with my girlfriends.

It is pretty obvious going on previous storylines that your character will have an affair with a member of the team. Which one will it be and who would you pick?  At the moment I am enjoying being married to Phil, but I am hoping to have some steamy affairs soon! I would like to have an affair with Tommo, who is a Harchester player from Manchester. Once I've had him I wouldn't mind continuing with Fletch before moving onto Jamie and finishing with Ryan. Most people feel sorry for Phil, mainly the women, so I hope I don't have to be too nasty to him.

Have you signed up for the next series of Dream Team?  I have but it is up to the writers how my character develops. I only know up until episode 16 in this series, so I hope they don't kill me off!

You've put a bet on Harchester to go down. How could you?  I need to look after myself, survival of the fittest and all that. I have to have my money. Who cares about football when there are Gucci handbags to buy? Phil is pretty weedy, I like to call him Phyllis, so maybe I do need a real man.

Can you give us a sneak preview of what happens next to Jacqui?  I can't reveal too much but Phil is making lots of mistakes at the moment and I start plotting against him. It means I get a lot closer to the team's manager, and you'll have to wait and see what lengths I'll go to get what I want.

You are gorgeous. Have you done any modelling work and who is your favourite real football team?  Thank you. My favourite real football team are Liverpool. I love them. I have been modelling for ten years, so I've done lots of commercials and magazine work. My highest profile adverts in the UK were for Galaxy and Coca Cola. I am still modelling at the moment and I really enjoy it. I think it works well alongside my acting. The jump from modelling to acting was quite smooth for me. I started getting lots of work in commercials, especially foreign commercials that come over here and cast. Through that I met lots of directors who encouraged me to take acting classes, and I stated a course at the Whitechapel Drama Academy.

So how did acting come about then?  I have done a film and some theatre before. Then I met a man called David Penn, who is a producer on Dream Team, through one of the acting workshops that I was doing at a theatre in London. He said I should go for an audition for Dream Team and hereally pushed for me.

You're 31 - How long have you been a model?  I've been modelling for over ten years now. I won a competition called Look of the Year run by the Elite modelling agency in England when I was 18 and then went to Paris where I was one of only 15 girls out of 70 countries across the world to get a two-year contract with Elite. It really changed my life. I think you can take really good things out of it - I have only had really good experiences. I don't want togive up modelling because I think it works well with acting.

It must be quite lonely being a model?  It is, but I met my boyfriend through modelling andwe went traveling together. He was a model too,and came with me to live in Milan and Paris. It makes a difference when you always have someone with you, and we have been together for 12 years now.

Does he mind you doing all those sex scenes in Dream Team?  He doesn't mind, but he doesn't like to watch those actual scenes on television! All his mates tease him and say things like: "she obviously enjoyed that!"

Do you find it awkward?  I've always been used to working with guys and doing commercials, so when it came to doing those scenes for Dream Team I wasn't bothered at all. It's just all part of the job. It's fine as long as they're not disgusting!

Since you've been on Sky, do more people recognise you in the street?  Yes, I have been recognised. When we went to Dagenham and Redbridge to film, there were a couple who were really annoyed that I was being so horrible to Phil. They were asking me what I was going to do to him when I found out he had used the money I wanted to spend on a Spanish villa on a new player!

You bare an uncanny resemblance to the shows long-term actress Alison King (Lynda Block). Anyone ever confuse you?  I think that I look like her but I have never been confused for her. I've met Alison once, at the studios, and she was really nice. But I think she wanted to move on and do other things. She is a very hard act to follow. From what I'd seen of her, I realised that I had to live up to being as strong and hard a character as she was. So when Phil was quite flaky I knew that I had to take charge.

What is your dream acting role?  I'd like to be in the film The Last Seduction, I love the character that Linda Fiorentino plays, she is brilliant. That would be my dream role.

You have appeared on both stage and screen which do you prefer?  I love television because you can see the results of your work. You can look back at what you've done and see how you've developed your character. Although I prefer television, you do get a different kind of buzz from doing theatre. TV can get annoying as it is stopping and starting all the time. You can really get into a role in the theatre but on TV a lot comes down to the editing side, which you don't have a lot of control over.

If you were going on a dream date - who would you go with and where would you go?  My dream date would involve Sean Penn taking me to the Metropolitan hotel. We'd start at Nobu, which is a really great sushi restaurant in the hotel, and then go to the Met Bar for a few drinks. And, of course, he'd be paying for it all!

Who are your best friends on Dream Team and are there any romance between any of you guys?  I can't comment on romances but I can say that I'm not involved with any of the guys who work on the show. I don't have a best mate, all the girls are my best friends. We all go out together socially and it always involves a lot of alcohol!

Do you go to many celebrity parties?  I don't go to any celebrity parties but I have been to lots of film premieres. I've met Leonardo Di Caprio and Robert De Niro. I also get to meet quite a lot of footballers, rumour has it that a lot of them are fans of the show.

Angela Saunders is in the Loaded calendar and looks great. Have you been approached to do any sexy lads mag shoots?  I have done Loaded already, it is coming out in December. Three of us me, Nina who plays Nikki and Emma who plays Tara the HUTV presenter did it. And of course we had to lie around looking sexy in our underwear.

I have to admit as much as I love Dream Team I prefer Footballer's Wives. What do you think of it?  How rude! Only joking. I think that Footballer's Wives is a poor imitation of Dream Team. I think the characters in Dream Team are more realistic and believable. I also think that the football scenes work really well because all the players are professional. They don't even have football in Footballer's Wives. I like seeing the managers in the crowd, so on Dream Team you may see Terry Venables with his head in his hands in the stands.

Do you have a boyfriend and what do you look for in a man?  Yeah I do have a boyfriend, we've been together a long time. What do I look for in a man? He has got to be honest and fun and have a big.... wallet.

What is your favourite biscuit?  My favourite biscuits are bourbons and I'm lucky as that is what they give you at Dream Team. I do get annoyed though as we have to share them, one between five of us!

How much influence do actors have over their characters/lines and have you ever been shocked when you read the scripts?  We don't have any influence, I can ask what is going to happen but they are never going to change anything to suit us. As the writers see what is happening on the screen and hear reaction from viewers they will change the direction of your character. I have been shocked at times, as they have asked me to do some things that I didn't really fancy doing. But it goes with the character so I did it. These are things that start to come out from episode 11 onwards.

Your husband in the show comes across as a bit of a wet blanket, what's he like in real life?  In real life he is nothing like that he is just agreat actor! Or that's what he tells me anyway.


Source: The Sun (November 2002)

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